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At Family Quick Care, we believe there is a healthcare crisis. More and more working families are either unable to afford healthcare insurance, or are having to pay higher deductibles or co-pays. Many companies are already going to higher deductible insurance plans along with health savings accounts to help offset the rising cost of healthcare.

It is estimated that 25-50% of what you pay when you go to a physicians office goes to insurance and billing costs. The physician likely only gets about 30% of that visit. So why are we paying the insurance companies so much when healthcare is so expensive? By cutting out the 'middle man', Family Quick Care is able to offer healthcare visits for the most common acute illnesses for only around $39.00. For those with insurance, you will be given a receipt that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement (or save until you meet your deductible).

We believe that we can be part of the solution to the healthcare crisis. While we don't advocate not having any health insurance, we believe that the future will require families to purchase 'catastrophic' or high deductible insurance. While you should always have health insurance in case you are hospitalized for a major illness, the more simpler visits can simply be paid for in cash or by means of a health savings account. You can think of it similarly to automobile insurance. Everyone is required to have automobile insurance in case of an accident, but you pay for the tune-ups and oil-changes yourself.

* In 2004, minimum health insurance for a family cost around $9000/year. Catastrophic health insurance cost around $3000/year. That's $6000 in savings. Even if you pay $1000 for all your doctor visits/year, you'll be saving $5000 for the year!

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